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Love of Wisdom

A Philosophy Exhibit
Love of Wisdom:  A Philosophy Exhibit

When philosophy is read over time, it tells a story of a grand quest for wisdom.  Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, Frederick Douglass, Viktor Frank, Wittgenstein, Simone de Beauvoir - trailblazing teachers who wanted to teach people to think.

Logic and Ethics are important philosophical principles for evaluating information, given and received.  No man can think, argue, love or live without this organization of reasoning - its absence makes one passionless, and fully satisfied when present.  Some philosophers, like Socrates sacrificed for their belief that everyone should ask the question, "Why?" Other thinkers such as Viktor Frankl's philos was borne out of profound personal periods in their life.  However, for whatever reason, their teachings continue having a deep impact on society even after hundreds of years.  The great philosophers of history, and their teachings are preserved in the Education, Government, Philosophy, Economics, Science-Astronomy and many other topics.
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The Message

A Media Exhibit
The Message:  A Media Exhibit

"The Message: A Media Exhibit" reveals that although some (throughout history) have been recognized as “inventors” of media technology, this was actually a collaborative and collective process to build upon past communication technologies and infrastructures that have evolved to a point where technology is a part of the lifestyle of the majority of the world populations. 

Media has connected humankind as never before, and now the greatest stories of these inventions and their creators and their idea of spreading knowledge all over the world, can be readily accessed (with technology) within these Collections.  From the invention of the Gutenberg Press to cellphone technology, explore the wonders of media innovation...
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A Law Exhibit
Order:  A Law Exhibit

Our many book collections feature the top 100 greatest books which showcase the formation of governments and their varied legal systems from around the world, throughout time.  Books from our Government and Law Collections are included, as are books from a Religion and Philosophy Collections - since these disciplines have played a significant role in the development of systems and governments.  The Magna Carta and Code Napoléon and Declaration of Independence are examples of the the timeless documents which remain more relevant as ever and continue to be referenced and analyzed as systems of cooperation between world citizens.
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Quantifying the Universe

A Mathematics Exhibit
Quantifying the Universe:  A Mathematics Exhibit

Explaining everything through numbers and formulas may seem counter-intuitive to most, however, the very best physicists and mathematicians in history have been able to explain (with mat), most everything that up to 50 years ago had been a mystery.  With the rare documents and books within our Math, Astronomy, Science-Chemistry and Physics too, can experience the gift of knowledge that great scientists like Albert Einstein, Isaac Asimov, Aristotle and more, have given us.
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Worlds Within Words

A Literature Exhibit
Worlds Within Words:  A Literature Exhibit

Literature comes from the Greek word litaritura, or "writing formed with letters."

Literature pertains to the nature of books and writings that are culturally or historically significant.  This virtual exhibit, "Worlds Within Words," presents the development of literature from the oral histories to the invention of writing by the Babylonians to the most influential authors of our time.  Reading books and writing letters were once a significant part of daily existence, and was treated as entertainment and recreational experiences. It is hoped, with all the Collections contained within our many Classic and Children's Literature Collections, people will again turn to the wonderful discovery and the broadening of horizons that reading provides.  Great authors such as:  Charles Dickens, Emily Brontë, John Steinbeck, George Orwell, Shakespeare, Mark Twain and thousands of others represented in our many Literature Collections.
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Words of the People

An Exhibit on Language
The Words of the People:  An Exhibit on Language

From the oldest forms of writings with pictographs and Cuneiform in 3500 B.C. to the generation of the first alphabet; of all the strides that we have made in technology, Language has been the single most important "invention" since the dawn of man.  In fact, language defies time.  Language is the greatest man-made achievement.  Tone, intonation, inflection, the tongue, the throat, the breath and the brain:  all lifeforms have some form of communication.  The proceeding Collections in "The Words of the People:  An Exhibit on Language" includes the most significant books on the subject of language.

Language, Literature, Children's Literature, Hawaiiana, Poetry and more.
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Building Societies

An Exhibit on Governments
Building Societies:  An Exhibit on Governments

The titles in the Building Societies Collection include important historic works regarding the complex processes needed in order to manage conflicts and the details that arise when administering territories as populations grow. The exhibit contains the most important books written about the histories of rising and falling governments, conquerors and statesman, and important theorists and philosophers.

This presentation is representative of the most significant accounts of those that have shaped the world we live in today, including, but not limited to the most influential top 100 books in Government, Economics, Political Science and Philosophy Collections. On the subject of governance, Aristotle wrote: "...But one factor of liberty is to govern and be governed in turn; for the popular principle of justice is to have equality according to number, not worth, ...And one is for a man to live as he likes; for they say that this is the function of liberty inasmuch as to live not as one likes is the life of a man that is a slave..."  (The Works of Aristotle, Aristotle).  
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Human Expression

A Fine Arts Exhibit
Human Expression: A Fine Arts Exhibit

Man has always expressed a need for expression of all kinds: speech, acrylic paintings, literature, architecture, song...even the food that we eat. Theories and opinions regarding the greatest of these expressions are showcased in our collections.

Art is everywhere we look. Someone conjured these works out of their imaginations. The books in our dozens of collections (representing hundreds of books) bring beauty to the world. Explore topics such as cookbooks, audio book recordings, fine arts, technology, mathematics, film, television and poetry. 
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History's Classroom

A Historical Perspective on Education
History's Classroom: A Historical Perspective on Education

The voices of mathematicians, scientists, philosophers are included in this virtual exhibit, "History's Classroom: A Historical Perspective on Education." 

From ancient manuscripts to the unmatched selection of the world's much treasured children's picture books, the enduring importance of education and literacy is illustrated in the thousands of books contained in many collections joined to this exhibit. Subjects such as anthropology, religion, sociology, astronomy and Shakespeare are within. These books are vital to the continuation of mankind, as the sharing of knowledge, teaching and literacy are the cornerstone of everything we do, and want to accomplish. Perpetual pursuit of knowledge moves society forward.
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The World's Wealth

An Economics Exhibit
The World's Wealth:  An Economics Exhibit

This virtual exhibit offers significant insight into the money, economic theories and political influence on economies.  The historical economic discoveries and records of common men and great economists alike have been preserved in a treasure trove of works and documents in the World’s Wealth Exhibit.  A focused exploration into historical documents within our Collection will give readers a sound foundation for understanding of government, society and finance processes.

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