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List of University of Chicago alumni

This list of University of Chicago alumni consists of notable people who either graduated from or attended the University of Chicago.


  • Nobel laureates 1
  • Government 2
    • Heads of state or government 2.1
    • General 2.2
  • Arts and entertainment 3
  • Athletics 4
  • Business 5
  • Education 6
  • Historians 7
  • Journalism 8
  • Literature 9
  • Mathematics 10
  • Medicine 11
  • Religion 12
  • Social sciences 13
  • Science and technology 14
  • Notes 15

Nobel laureates


Heads of state or government

Name Year Notability Reference
Marek Belka (attended) Prime Minister of Poland (2004–05)
William Lyon Mackenzie King A.M. 1897 Prime Minister of Canada (1935–48)
Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada A.B. 1952 President of Bolivia (1993–97, 2002–03) [2]
Álvaro Magaña A.M. 1955 President of El Salvador (1982–84)
Hastings Banda Ph.B. 1931 Prime Minister of Malawi (1964–66), President of Malawi (1966–94) [3]


Arts and entertainment










Social sciences

Science and technology


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