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List of James Bond film locations

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Title: List of James Bond film locations  
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List of James Bond film locations

Countries James Bond has visited in the films.

This is a list of locations in which films of the James Bond series have been set and filmed (excepting only Never Say Never Again).

The countries Bond visits all over the world are almost always filmed on location. Only the following countries appear in Bond movies, without actually being shot on location: Cuba, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Yugoslavia, Albania, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Macau, China, Uganda, Madagascar, Montenegro, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Vietnam, North Korea, South Korea, Bulgaria, and the USSR.


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Locations depicted in films

Film Location Country or Region
Dr. No MI6 headquarters in central London  England
Kingston  Jamaica
Crab Key
From Russia with Love Unnamed river  United Kingdom
Zagreb  Yugoslavia (now  Croatia)
Belgrade  Yugoslavia (now  Serbia)
Istanbul  Turkey
Venice  Italy
Goldfinger Kent golf course  England
Geneva   Switzerland
Miami, Florida  United States
Fort Knox, Kentucky
Baltimore, Maryland
Poppy farm  Mexico
Thunderball Château d'Anet, Anet  France
Shrublands Health Retreat  England
Paradise Island  Bahamas
Florida coast off Miami  United States
You Only Live Twice Hong Kong  British Hong Kong (now  Chinese Special Administrative Region)
Cape Cod, Massachusetts  United States
Tokyo  Japan
SPECTRE's hideout, Kyūshū
On Her Majesty's Secret Service Estoril  Portugal
Piz Gloria (Swiss Alps)   Switzerland
Diamonds Are Forever Tokyo  Japan
Cairo  Egypt
Beach Southern  France
Spa Unnamed Latin American country
Unnamed location  South Africa
Amsterdam  Netherlands
Las Vegas, Nevada  United States
Los Angeles, California
Oil rig in Baja California  Mexico
Live and Let Die New York City  United States
San Monique (fictional) Caribbean
Green Grotto Caves  Jamaica
New Orleans, Louisiana  United States
The Man With the Golden Gun Beirut  Lebanon
Casino Portuguese Macau (now  Chinese Special Administrative Region)
Hong Kong  British Hong Kong (now  Chinese Special Administrative Region)
The Peninsula Hong Kong
Bottoms Up Club
Wreck of RMS Queen Elizabeth
Bangkok  Thailand
Ko Tapu
The Spy Who Loved Me Alps  Austria
Royal Navy submarine pens  Scotland
Cairo  Egypt
Giza pyramid complex
River Nile
MI6 base
Costa Smeralda, Sardinia  Italy
Moonraker California "Drax's villa"  United States
Venice  Italy
Rio de Janeiro  Brazil
Drax's space station Outer space
For Your Eyes Only Villa outside Madrid  Spain
St. Cyril's  Greece
Greece-Albania border  Albania and  Greece
Cortina d'Ampezzo  Italy
Octopussy Airbase Unnamed Latin American country
Jag Mandir  India
Moscow  Soviet Union (now  Russia)
West Berlin none (now incorporated into the  Federal Republic of Germany)
Feldstadt  Federal Republic of Germany
East Berlin  German Democratic Republic (now incorporated into the  Federal Republic of Germany)
A View to a Kill Siberia  Soviet Union (now  Russia)
Ascot  England
Paris  France
Château de Chantilly
San Francisco, California  United States
The Living Daylights Upper Rock  Gibraltar
Bladen safe house  United Kingdom
Bratislava  Czechoslovakia (now  Slovakia)
Tangier  Morocco
Vienna  Austria
Soviet airbase  Afghanistan
Baluchistan  Pakistan
Licence to Kill Key West, Florida  United States
Bimini Islands  Bahamas
Cray Key
Isthmus City Republic of Isthmus (fictional)
Olimpatec Meditation Institute
GoldenEye Arkangelsk chemical weapons facility  Soviet Union (now  Russia)
Severnaya satellite control station in Siberia  Russia
Saint Petersburg
Monte Carlo  Monaco
France-Monaco border  France and  Monaco
Satellite dish  Cuba
Tomorrow Never Dies Khyber Pass  Afghanistan and  Pakistan
Oxford University  England
Hamburg  Germany
South China Sea  China
Ho Chi Minh City  Vietnam
The World Is Not Enough Bilbao  Spain
River Thames in London  England
Sir Robert King's estate  Scotland
Russian ICBM base  Kazakhstan
Baku  Azerbaijan
Istanbul  Turkey
Die Another Day DMZ  North Korea and  South Korea
US Air Base  South Korea
Hong Kong  Hong Kong (Chinese Special Administrative Region)
Havana  Cuba
Blades gentleman's club  England
Ice palace  Iceland
Casino Royale Prague  Czech Republic
Mbale  Uganda
Nambutu Embassy  Madagascar
Nassau  Bahamas
Miami  United States
The Casino Royale  Montenegro
Venice  Italy
Lake Como
Quantum of Solace Siena
London  England
Port-au-Prince  Haiti
Bregenz  Austria
La Paz  Bolivia
Kazan  Russia
Skyfall Istanbul  Turkey
Aegean coast
London  England
Shanghai  China
Macau  Macau (Chinese Special Administrative Region)
Abandoned island Offshore from  China
Skyfall estate  Scotland
Spectre Mexico City  Mexico
London  England
Rome  Italy
Altaussee  Austria
Tanger  Morocco
    • With You Only Live Twice and Licence to Kill being notable exceptions, James Bond is almost always seen at the HQ of MI6 (referred to as MI7 in Dr. No) in central London. This has been the actual headquarters of MI6: the Vauxhall Cross building on the Thames from GoldenEye (1995) onwards. Prior to that it was a nondescript building near Whitehall, sometimes (e.g. Dr. No, OHMSS, The Living Daylights) ostensibly the HQ of Universal Exports, the Secret Service's front company.

Shooting locations

This list shows which films were shot in which countries.

Film Location Country
Dr. No Pinewood Studios  England
From Russia With Love Pinewood Studios  England
Argyll[1]  Scotland
Venice  Italy
Istanbul  Turkey
Goldfinger Pinewood Studios  England
Stoke Poges Golf Club and Black Park[2]
Pilatus Aircraft Factory and Furka pass[2]   Switzerland
Louisville, Kentucky  United States
Fort Knox, Kentucky
Miami, Florida
Thunderball Pinewood Studios  England
Silverstone Circuit and Beaconsfield[3]
Paris  France
Château d'Anet Dreux, France
Nassau  Bahamas
Miami[4]  United States
You Only Live Twice Pinewood Studios[5]  England
Himeji Castle in Hyōgo  Japan
Tokyo Metro's Nakano-shimbashi Station
Hotel New Otani Tokyo
Bōnotsu in Kagoshima
Kobe harbor
Shinmoe-dake in Kyūshū
Torremolinos  Spain
On Her Majesty's Secret Service Pinewood Studios  England
Piz Gloria   Switzerland
Diamonds Are Forever Pinewood Studios  England
Cap D'Antibes,  France
Lufthansa hangar[7]  Germany
Amsterdam  Netherlands[8]
Las Vegas[9]  United States
Live and Let Die Pinewood Studios  England
New York City, New Orleans  United States
San Monique  Jamaica
The Man With the Golden Gun Pinewood Studios  England
Bovingdon Airfield
Bangkok, Phang Nga Bay  Thailand
 Hong Kong[10]
Hong Kong Dragon Garden
Lazaar Gunsmithing Workshop Portuguese Macau
The Spy Who Loved Me Pinewood Studios  England
Kanton Graubünden   Switzerland
Baffin Island  Canada
Auyuittuq National Park
Faslane  Scotland
Giza Pyramid complex  Egypt
Sardinia[11]  Italy
La Valletta  Malta
Nassau  Bahamas
Okinawa  Japan
Moonraker Pinewood Studios  England
Vaux-le-Vicomte  France
Venice  Italy
Los Angeles  United States
Rio de Janeiro[12]  Brazil
Tikal  Guatemala
For Your Eyes Only Pinewood Studios  England
Cortina d'Ampezzo  Italy
Meteora  Greece
Octopussy Pinewood Studios  England
Nene Valley Railway[13]
Berlin[14]  West Berlin
Udaipur  India[15]
A View to a Kill Pinewood Studios  England
Ascot Racecourse England
Amberley Working Museum, West Sussex
Jökulsárlón  Iceland[16]
Paris  France
Fisherman's Wharf and Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco  United States
The Living Daylights Pinewood Studios  England
Vienna  Austria
Tangier and Aït Benhaddou  Morocco
Licence to Kill Churubusco Studios in Mexico City  Mexico
Key West  United States
GoldenEye Leavesden Film Studios[17]  England
La Fayette (F710)[18] Coastline of  France
Verzasca Dam[19]   Switzerland
St. Petersburg  Russia
Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico  United States
Tomorrow Never Dies Pinewood Studios  England
Frogmore Studios, HMS Dryad, Oxford, IBM Building Middlesex, RAF Lakenheath
Peyresourde Airport  France
Hamburg[20]  Germany
Bangkok, Phuket  Thailand
The World Is Not Enough Pinewood Studios  England
London, Wiltshire and Halton House and Buckinghamshire
Eilean Donan  Scotland
Haute-Savoie  France
Bilbao  Spain
Las Majadas, Cuenca
Bardenas Reales
Istanbul  Turkey
Baku  Azerbaijan
Die Another Day Pinewood Studios  England
Eden Project
Cadiz  Spain
Jökulsárlón  Iceland
Svalbard  Norway
Maui, Hawaii  United States
Casino Royale Pinewood Studios[21]  England
Lake Como and Venice[22]  Italy
Prague, Karlovy Vary, Loket, Planá  Czech Republic
Paradise Island[23]  Bahamas
Miami, Florida  United States
Quantum of Solace Pinewood Studios  England
Siena, Malcesine, Talamone, Carrara and Limone sul Garda  Italy
Madrid  Spain
Panama City, Colón  Panama
Baja California  Mexico
Cobija, Sierra Gorda, Paranal Observatory, Atacama Desert  Chile
Bregenz and Feldkirch  Austria
Skyfall Pinewood Studios  England
London, Ascot Racecourse, Hankley Common
Glencoe, Highland  Scotland
Istanbul, Fethiye, Varda Viaduct, Adana  Turkey
Shanghai  China
  • Other places in England – For Your Eyes Only, Octopussy, GoldenEye, Die Another Day (London, RAF Odiham, Church Crookham, Hampshire, The Eden Project, Cornwall, Epsom Downs Racecourse, London, Holywell Bay, Newquay, Cornwall, Ascot racecourse)
  • France – Moonraker (Studios De Boulogne Paris Studios, Cinema Eclair Studios)
  • Bahamas – subaquatic scenes in You Only Live Twice, The Spy Who Loved Me, For Your Eyes Only, The World Is Not Enough, Casino Royale (Nassau, Coral Harbour)


A number of well-known international landmarks figure prominently in the film series.

Film Landmark Location
Dr. No Dunn's River Falls  Jamaica
From Russia With Love Hagia Sophia  Turkey
Orient Express
Goldfinger Fort Knox Fort Knox, Kentucky,  United States
Furka Pass   Switzerland
Thunderball Château d'Anet Dreux,  France
Paradise Island  Bahamas
You Only Live Twice Himeji Castle Himeji,  Japan
On Her Majesty's Secret Service 25 de Abril Bridge Lisbon,  Portugal
Schilthorn Canton of Bern,   Switzerland
Diamonds Are Forever Magere Brug Amsterdam,  Netherlands
Las Vegas Strip Las Vegas, Nevada,  United States
Live and Let Die Bourbon Street New Orleans, Louisiana,  United States
United Nations Headquarters New York,  United States
The Man with the Golden Gun Hong Kong harbour  Hong Kong
RMS Queen Elizabeth shipwreck
Khao Phing Kan  Thailand
The Spy Who Loved Me Giza pyramid complex  Egypt
Karnak Temple Complex
Moonraker Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte  France
Piazza San Marco Venice,  Italy
Sugarloaf Mountain Rio de Janeiro,  Brazil
Iguazu Falls Borders of  Argentina,  Brazil, and  Paraguay
For Your Eyes Only The Meteora  Greece
Octopussy Taj Mahal Agra,  India
Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche  West Berlin
Berlin Wall
A View to a Kill Ascot Racecourse Berkshire,  England
Château de Chantilly  France
Eiffel Tower Paris,  France
Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco, California,  United States
Golden Gate Bridge
The Living Daylights Rock of Gibraltar  Gibraltar
Wiener Riesenrad Ferris wheel Vienna,  Austria
Schönbrunn Palace
Licence to Kill Seven Mile Bridge, Florida Keys Florida,  United States
Ernest Hemingway House, Key West
Acapulco Bay Guerrero,  Mexico
Centro Ceremonial Otomí, Temoaya State of Mexico,  Mexico
GoldenEye Casino de Monte Carlo  Monaco
Palace Square, Saint Petersburg  Russia
Arecibo Observatory, Arecibo  Puerto Rico
Tomorrow Never Dies Somerset House  England
Terminal 2, Hamburg Airport  Germany
The World Is Not Enough Guggenheim Museum Bilbao  Spain
Millennium Dome, London  England
Maiden's Tower, Istanbul  Turkey
Die Another Day Buckingham Palace  England
Jökulsárlón  Iceland
Casino Royale Piazza San Marco Venice,  Italy
Villa del Balbianello Lenno,  Italy
Grandhotel Pupp Karlovy Vary,  Czech Republic
Quantum Of Solace Paranal Observatory  Chile
Skyfall Grand Bazaar, Istanbul  Turkey
Parliament Square, London  England

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