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Gustavo Bueno

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Title: Gustavo Bueno  
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Subject: University of Oviedo, La Rioja (Spain), Black Butterfly (2006 film)
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Gustavo Bueno

Gustavo Bueno Martínez
Born 1924 (age 89–90)
La Rioja, Spain
Era 20th and 21st centuries
Region Western Philosophy
School Philosophical materialism, Marxism, Rationalism, Academy of Plato, Scholasticism
Main interests Philosophy, Politics, Religion, Science, Political Economy, Mass media
Notable ideas Main author of contemporanean Philosophical materialism, "Vuelta del Revés de Marx" concept, Teoría del Cierre Categorial in Philosophy of Science

Gustavo Bueno Martínez (1924 in Santo Domingo de la Calzada, La Rioja) is a Spanish philosopher.

Gustavo Bueno is the main proponent of the philosophical system known as philosophical materialism.[1] Philosophical materialism excludes any possibility of spiritual life without reference to organic life. Its ontology and theories of knowledge are not based on mechanic materialism or dualistic historical materialism, but in a rich interpretation of the main systems defended by the different traditions available in the History of Philosophy.

The founder of academic (scholar) philosophy, Plato, defended in Sophist, from the point of view of his theory of knowledge, the principle of Symploké that Bueno uses to support both determinism and pluralism: "nothing is isolated from everything else, but not everything is connected to everything else; otherwise, nothing could be known." [2]


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