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List of U.S. state tartans

This is a list of tartans that have been adopted by law by their respective state legislatures as official U.S. state symbols. Not all states have an official tartan.


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State Tartan Year Name Pattern (sett)
California 2001[1][2] California State Tartan
Colorado 1997[3][4] Colorado State Tartan [Y/8] R6 MB34 K40 G4 W6 Lv6 W6 [G/64]
Connecticut 1995[5][6] State Tartan[5]
Georgia 1997[7][8] The Georgia Tartan[7]
Louisiana 2001[9] The Louisiana Tartan[10]
Massachusetts 2003[11] Bay State Tartan[11]
Nevada 2001[12] State Tartan[13]
New Hampshire 1995[14][15] New Hampshire State Tartan[14]
North Carolina 1991[16] Carolina Tartan[17] R64 A28 K32 Y6 K6 W8 K8 R4 G56 R26 K8 R8 W4[18]
Rhode Island 2000[19] The Official Rhode Island Tartan
South Carolina 2002[20] Carolina Tartan[21] R64 A28 K32 Y6 K6 W8 K8 R4 G56 R26 K8 R8 W4[18]
Tennessee 1999[22] State Tartan
Texas 1989 Texas Bluebonnet Tartan[23] G4 R2 B16 W2 R2 W2 LB16 W2 LB16 W2 Y1[23]
Utah 1996[24] Utah Centennial Tartan[24] W2 B6 R6 B4 R6 G18 R6 W4[24]
Washington 1988 Washington state tartan[25][26]
West Virginia 2008 Official Tartan of the State of West Virginia GO8 G8 B16 G16 A12 SCR54 W2 K6 SCR54 G16 SCR16 B16 G8 GO8[27]
Wisconsin 2008 Wisconsin Tartan[28] B22 R6 B4 N6 K24 HG40 Y4 K24 B22 RY6[29]

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