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List of Yukon general elections

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Title: List of Yukon general elections  
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Subject: Yukon, Yukon First Nations Party, Yukon Liberal Party, Yukon Party, List of Yukon by-elections
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List of Yukon general elections

Number of seats won by major parties at each election
Yukon Party / Progressive Conservative Liberal NDP Independent

This article provides a summary of results for the general elections to the Canadian territory of Yukon's unicameral legislative body, the Yukon Legislative Assembly. The number of seats has increased over time, from eight for the first election in 1900, to the current eighteen. Since 1978, each riding (electoral district) has elected one member by first past the post to the Yukon Legislative Assembly. Political parties were officially recognized and registered beginning in 1978.[1]

The chart on the right shows the information graphically, with the most recent elections on the right (going as far back as the introduction of political parties in 1978). The Yukon Party (which was named the Yukon Progressive Conservative Party prior to 1992) has been the most successful since political parties were officially recognised, having won six out of ten elections. The NDP have won three elections, and the Liberal party have won one election.


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    • Summary of results 1.1
    • Number of candidates 1.2
  • 1900–74 2
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Summary of results

The table below shows the total number of seats won by the major political parties at each election. It also shows the percentage of the vote obtained by the major political parties at each election. The winning party's total's are shown in bold. There has been only one election (in 1985) where the party that formed the government did not have the largest share of the vote. Full details on any election are linked via the year of the election at the start of the row.

A Changed its name from Yukon Progressive Conservative Party to the Yukon Party prior to the 1992 election.

Number of candidates


There were no territorial parties in the Yukon before 1978. From the territory's creation in 1898 until 1978, the Yukon was governed by a federally appointed Commissioner advised by the Territorial Council. The Territorial council was wholly appointed from 1898 to 1900; part elected, part appointed from 1900 to 1908; and wholly elected from 1909 to 1978.

The number of members varied considerably during the council's 80-year history. The 1900 election elected just two out of eight members; the elections from 1903 to 1907 elected five out of ten members. The wholly elected Council comprised ten members from 1909, which was reduced to three starting with the 1920 election. The number of members was increased to five as of the 1952 election, seven as of the 1961 election, and twelve for the final general election to the Council in 1974.


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